Having a natural, fresh and traceable products in our product range has been a great focus for us all at Polarol. Therefore, we are committed to selecting high standard raw materials for our omega-3 products. In cooperation with Nofima, one of the leading research communities on fatty acids in Norway, and with our own professional knowledge and network, we came into contact with Nordlaks produkter at stokmarknes in Vesterålen. Nordlaks produces high quality farmed salmon in a state-of-the-art processing plant. In connection with this facility, they have built an oil mill of the highest quality. Every single day, hundreds of tons of salmon are processed and the cut being transported in a continuous flow into the oil mill. From the fishes we derive our oils after passing through series of processes in the factory – the whole process takes not more than 75 minutes. This is unique and we dare say that our omega-3 product is the freshest fish oil on the market. We also add our special citrus flavour-mix that make it taste good.

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